About Us?

The Tech Scribes is a Technical Writing consulting firm with the main aim of providing technical writing/documentation services to our clients.

The Tech Scribes is founded to meet the growing demand in the niche industry of Technical Writing. Documentation is an essential aspect during all phases of SDLC. In the present global economy, where companies aspire to grow in every geo-segment, the need to have a framework for communication medium that is simple, concise and easy to understand is vital. The Tech Scribes helps the clients meet their documentation needs, while they can stay focused on their core competencies. The modern corporate world has employees and customers from different geographies such as Americas, EMEA, APAC and ANZ with diverse cultures, language and ethnicity, paving way for increased demand for professionals, now called as Technical Writers, to establish seamless communication.

The Tech Scribes aspires to protect the environment by minimizing the usage of papers and thereby save trees. We envision being part of the revolutionist movement to minimize the usage of paper and have content predominantly on electronic media. With the advent of Cloud Technology and availability of wireless broadband at a low cost, the need to create and access content is set to grow rapidly. The Tech Scribes envisions addressing all possible documentation demands that arise out of this great paradigm shift.

Technical Writers, documenting the products developed by the engineers, go by the name of Technical Communicators, Information Architects, Information Developers/Designers, or Technical Authors. The Tech Scribes revels in its team of professional, dedicated, and passionate technical writers with a lot of experience in documentation services.

In this great hour of need for qualified professional Technical Writers, The Tech Scribes, addresses the challenge to provide quality documentation solutions to diverse segments of the IT industry and the corporate world. Our focus is education and training in the domain of technical documentation. We offer full time, weekend as well as corporate training programs in Technical Writing.

Our Mission statement

The Tech Scribes promises to be your partner to script your success. Our mission is to become pioneers in creating documents and artifacts that reflect our clients business, values and key differentiators. Our mission is also to identify talented writers, train them and create

Our Vision

The Tech Scribes envisions being the world leader in providing quality documentation services to small, medium and large IT companies. The Tech Scribes also offers certifications in Technical Writing Training Programs.

Our Work Culture and Value Add to your Company

The Tech Scribes has expertise in handling complex documentation projects. When your company has a requirement in developing documentation for your products, give us a call. You can reach us at +91 9840760165. Our team will be at your door step to collect


Gladys Daniel

I am Gladys Daniel from Chennai. Though I worked as a Software Engineer earlier, after wedding and the responsibility of kids, I was disheartened that my professional career almost came to an end. But my outlook changed altogether when I got acquainted with Vineela of The Tech Scribes.
Through her simple yet dynamic short-term course on Technical Writing, my confidence was rekindled to get back into IT industry within a short span of time. The management and staff paid keen interest on each individual to nurture their areas of weakness and Technical Writing turned out to be my passion for life. Working on live projects and on-site projects laid a strong foundation for Technical Writing.
Apart from training, the staff imbibed many valuable lessons of life in us, on how to stay positive and out-shine in this competitive world. Vineela is easily approachable, yet firm in her core values of Technical Writing and professionalism. Her selfless love and patience exercised to uplift the poor and the unemployed graduates is commendable. She stands as a shining example to many women that nothing is impossible with dedication, perseverance, and hard work. She is a doting mother of two lovely boys and a loving wife to her husband. Watching her daily schedule makes one feel that it is not so hard to balance work life and one’s duties towards the family when it is well-organised. She is an epitome of Women Empowerment.
It was a great learning at The Tech Scribes!
Proud to be a part of the Tech Scribes family!!

Pawan Kumar R

If you want to be a Technical Writer and don’t know where to start, The Tech Scribes is for you. The institute offers a training course coupled with live-project experience, so you know how things work in real time. Both Vineela Ma’am and Sharmila Ma’am are experienced instructors who are also refreshingly personal. My current job does not involve technical writing per se, yet I’ve found insights from the course quite useful for writing precise content.